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We’re a human-centered design and innovation strategy company. We can help you understand your customers and build products around their needs.

Customers will love you when you prioritize them, instead of pushing products or features they may not want or need. Our role is to facilitate your process and skills using the design discipline to deliver on this imperative – to put your customers first, so you can realize the powerful benefits that follow customer-centricity.

With human-centered design, we will foster innovation strategies that grow your business and improve your bottom line.


Our mission

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Our goal is to help you adopt and execute the human-centered design mindset and process. We want to encourage pioneering leaders to foster organizational cultures that advocate for the betterment of their customers, employees, and society.

We stress creativity and applaud inspiration and we can help you unlock your team genius. Our final goal is to turn team members into capable human-centered designers.

We believe that when you truly connect empathetically with your customers – and design your products and services from their perspective – you will find solutions that customers will love.

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Our vision

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We see business as a process that develops products and services that make life better for its users.

Our big dream is to coagulate an ecosystem of leaders, organizations and businesses who are working towards the same goal: designing experiences that delight millions of people, while also solving the most pressing issues in our communities and of our planet’s health

We Know Human-Centered Design

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There is transformative power in human-centered strategies that address the core needs of those people who are experiencing a particular problem.

With every interdisciplinary problem we solve for our clients, we create business transformation and develop innovation capabilities together, using their teams and core assets.

We take ownership of this process and utilize our collaborative approach and human-centered design know-how to teach you how to run projects that drive results. We have a team of multidisciplinary industry experts who can help you adopt these processes by learning the skills necessary to practice human-centered design.

In fact, here’s our team now! Check out our expert team members below, and learn more about how our expertise can help you revamp your entire approach to design, bringing you decreased risk and increased profits.

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Our Team

Dragos Gavrilescu - Cofounder, facilitator DTS

Dragoș Gavrilescu

Co-Founder, Facilitator

Alina Balan - Partner, facilitator DTS

Alina Bălan

Partner, Facilitator

Cristina Irod - Associate Facilitator DTS

Cristina Irod

Associate Facilitator

Tudor Juravlea - Co-founder, Facilitator DTS

Tudor Juravlea

Co-Founder, Facilitator

Theodora Matei - Process facilitator DTS

Theodora Matei

Process Facilitator

Adelina Dabu - Facilitator DTS

Adelina Dabu


Nicoleta Marin - Facilitator DTS



Our Collaborators

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paul dumitru &
renata macoveanu

Graphic Facilitation

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Diana Stafie

Foresight and trends

Our origin story

It was late 2015 when Dragos Gavrilescu started to explore the presence of design thinking in Romania. The space was completely empty.

In March 2016, Dragos started a community on Meetup and Facebook (Design Thinking Bucharest / Romania). He organized community events to explore the interest in and promise of human-centered design. It was there where Dragos met Magda Ropotan and Tudor Juravlea, and later on, Catalina Banuleasa.

Early in 2017, they ran a pilot project to offer community members an opportunity to practice design thinking. It was then when they decided to venture together and co-found Design Thinking Society as a commercial business.

In 2019, Alina Balan joined as a partner. In 2020, Magda Ropotan and Catalina Banuleasa decided to pursue other personal projects and left the Society.

Also in 2020, Cristina Irod joined our team as Associate Facilitator.