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Our communities promote design thinking among those curious and unsettled with how things work so that everyone could expand the Design Thinking knowledge and practice and be creative in solving problems in business, life and society.

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Sharing is Caring

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared

As design is evolving, we believe that our knowledge base becomes richer when shared with others.

Our communities were born with the intention of creating a space of interest, passion and practice in design thinking. The Design Thinking communities are strictly non-profit and we keep a clear demarcation line between our business and our communities.

We started our journey here in these communities in 2016. Since then, we carried out events that enriched and popularized the value of design in Romania for commercial and non-profit organizations alike.

We have thousands of enthusiasts and practitioners who:

Design Thinking Bucharest Meetup


It is a peer-learning community, open to everyone, Design Thinking practitioners, product / service design, systems thinking, people from our network and business community who meet offline or online to share knowledge and expertise based on real case studies and live conversations.


Design Thinking Romania - Facebook Group


This group is for the ones who adopt design thinking as a way of working and are passionate about making everything work better for the end-users. Here you can find industry news, shared practice and opportunities about new projects and collaborations no matter if it is about launching a new product, a business startup, or a social issue.

Design Thinking Society Alumni Facebook Group


This group membership is for the Alumni community. Relevant topics and events are posted here for the ones who attended Design Thinking Society workshops.


Design Thinking Romania LinkedIn Group


Our LinkedIn community is an open space for learning and professional development for the ones passionate about Design Thinking, interested to find inspiration, to understand and explore more how it works. Articles, news, practice workshops and events with special guests, professionals that come to share their vision and experience with the community, all are announced here.

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