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Design Thinking Blitz

Quickly get acquainted with basic Design Thinking tools and understand how you can use this methodology to meet your companies’ needs.

Get a sneak peek at the Design Thinking tools

Understand how you can use the same methodology that helps companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and PepsiCo deliver more than 200% market value than their competitors to your advantage.

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The Human Centric approach to solving wicked problems

Design Thinking is highly effective in dealing with complex problems due to its human-centered approach that focuses on human needs to address business challenges.

After attending the Design Thinking Blitz, you will acquire:

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Sign up for the 3-hour Design Thinking Blitz conducted by our facilitators to experience the five-step process at a high level!

*For a more complex and hands-on experience involving real users, sign up for the Design Thinking Starter, an interactive 2-day workshop during which you will address a complex, real-life problem and generate user-centric solutions.

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