Accelerated Design Shop for Accelerated Business Solutions

With our accelerated design shop, you can speed up the validation and development of your ideal business solutions.

When trying to transform your business or accelerate your change, you’re going to be faced with complex problems that require the best strategy and execution to get you where you want to be.

You also need to engage the creative contribution of your key people and get their buy-in to the solutions. That’s where our Accelerated Design Shop comes in.

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Accelerated Business Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Accelerated business solutions can help integrate your key people’s ideas into a realistic business solution and an action plan that will speed up your change towards actual results!

When transforming or building a business and fleshing out your ideas, it often takes weeks, if not months, to integrate an organization wide input and to develop new solutions that suit your stakeholders.

The Accelerated Design Shop can help you cut this process down from months to days! How?

As part of the design shop, the SCAN-FOCUS-ACT framework help our clients to bring together the most relevant constituencies in your organization and their ideas and facilitate them to solutions by going beyond the typical design and creative process. In a 3-day workshop we help you build business solutions with plans aligned with your key business imperatives.

When you work with us, you end up with:

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Examples of Our Accelerated Design Shops in Action

We have been helping design accelerated business solutions for a vast array of clients since 2018. Some of our most notable examples include:

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Co-designing OTP Bank’s 5 years Strategic Plan for Growth

Get Started with Your Accelerated
Business Solution Today!

With our Accelerated Design Shop, we’ll ensure that you get a tailored business solution based on your needs and objectives while also integrating the creative contribution of your key people.

Are you ready to see what our Accelerated Design Shop can do for you? Then contact us today for more information!

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