Dragoș Gavrilescu

Co-founder, Designer, Facilitator

Dragos Gavrilescu is the initiator of the first Design Thinking community in Romania and co-founder of Design Thinking Society. Before discovering his love for design, Dragos was an international business consultant with clients in 13 countries on 4 continents. His pre-design competence areas include general management and marketing in FMCG, pharma and market research services. He held CEO-level position and is acting as the Managing Partner of Design Thinking Society.

Dragos has always enjoyed playing at the intersection of human motivations and human performance, be it business or elsewhere. He finds that this space is best represented at the crossroads between human-centered design, behavioral economics, and neuroscience. He has a deep passion for this space and believes that democratizing design and innovation is the way forward to solve the complex problems our world and businesses wrestle with.

Besides his role with Design Thinking Society, he applies his passion as a mentor or coach for startups and social enterprises and as a field expert at The Entrepreneurship Academy.   

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