Design Thinking Starter

Design Thinking Starter

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Why Design Thinking Starter

Learn the basics of the design thinking mindset and tools from scratch. We designed this program as an experiential workshop that teaches basic theory and involves hands-on practice.

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving approach, a way of thinking and working. We will be your guide and we will provide you with a collection of practical collaboration methods to use not only for your business, but in your life, family, community, and society as a whole!

Design Thinking Starter Goes Well Beyond Your Basic Training or Online Course!

You will apply the design thinking process to a real business problem to generate user-centric solutions.

Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand their users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test with final users.

Our design thinking workshop breaks down all the basics for you into an easy to digest process:

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Explore the problem and practice empathy to understand the customers’ needs

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Develop user personas and reframe the challenge in a human-centric way

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Generate lots of ideas in multi-brainstorming sessions

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Create prototypes to show the concept idea

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Test prototypes with customers

The Benefits of the Design Thinking Starter

Practice basic empathy tools to understand your customers and their needs

Use ideation techniques to generate ideas and assemble them into tangible solutions

Prototype and improve your ideas through user testing

Apply design principles to discover hidden possibilities and create human-centered solutions

Communicate more effectively when working with a multidisciplinary team

Learn to de-risk your new ideas and gain a competitive advantage

Prototype and improve your ideas through user testing

Apply design principles to discover hidden possibilities and create human-centered solutions

Communicate more effectively when working with a multidisciplinary team

Learn to de-risk your new ideas and gain a competitive advantage

If the concept of design thinking is new to you, it can be a bit overwhelming and hard to grasp just how beneficial it can truly be. Design thinking it’s been around since the 80s, and it’s currently in use by some of the world’s most notable brands, including Bank of America Corp, PepsiCo, Nike, Microsoft, Apple, Toyota, Google, IBM.

Workshop Formats Available with Certificate

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We designed this workshop for people who’ve heard about innovation mindset and design thinking but don’t have a clear idea of how it works. If you want to start learning about design thinking and have a hands-on experience of the process, this is the right experiential course for you.

You will practice on a real-life business case project. You will use a set of tools to become more empathic, creative and efficient. You will work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team, diverse industries, corporate and entrepreneurs to create an experience, a solution that your customers will love.

Register for the following open workshops if you are bold and curious about applying the design thinking framework to solve problems more creatively.

If your goal is to empower your team to adopt the innovation mindset, to be more creative and more productive in terms of collaboration, you should book a call with one of our experts to discover the best approach. 

We offer hands-on, tailor-made workshops to meet your company’s challenges and objectives. We align with your team to deliver a learn-by-doing interactive experience, built on the Design Thinking process and toolkit, customized and focused on results.

Whether your team needs a skill upgrade and wants to learn the innovation approach, or you have a business challenge to solve and generate results in a short time, we can customize our Design Thinking Starter format in a guided workshop for your multi-disciplinary team.

Our team of Design Thinking experts and facilitators coach and guide how your team members approach a business challenge, empowering them to empathise with their customers, understand the problem in terms of possibilities and opportunities and generate as many solutions as possible.

We are flexible, and we deliver in-house workshops, either online or in-person, worldwide. We use our proven structure provided already for some of our clients: PwC EMEA, EY Romania, BCR, Bearing Point, Red Bull, FintechOS, VEO Worldwide Services, BCR, Societé Générale, Skanska and many more clients.

Book a free meeting with us to talk about the best approach for your team’s challenge.

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Both in-house and open workshop formats are available online and in-person

Both formats offer participants a verified digital certificate of completion. 

Skills gained: empathy, ideation, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, project collaboration, design thinking.

Who Else Participated in This Workshop?

More than 1000 brave attendees from companies such as: Carrefour, Vodafone, Leroy Merlin, Red Bull, Lagardere, OTP Bank, Societe Generale EBS, Orange, Oracle, Bearing Point, TotalSoft, Lidl, FintechOS, Raiffeisen Bank, BCR, Unicredit, Rompetrol, Google, Adore Me, Endava, Ford, Skanska, Medicover, entrepreneurs and many more.

Design thinking is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs, innovators, product managers, project managers and marketers.

Meet Our Facilitators

Dragos Gavrilescu - Cofounder, facilitator DTS

Dragoș Gavrilescu

Co-Founder, Facilitator

Alina Balan - Partner, facilitator DTS

Alina Bălan

Partner, Facilitator

Cristina Irod - Associate Facilitator DTS

Cristina Irod

Associate Facilitator

Tudor Juravlea - Co-founder, Facilitator DTS

Tudor Juravlea

Co-Founder, Facilitator

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How Much Is It and How Do I Pay?

Early bird fee (online): EUR 450 + VAT

Early bird fee (in-person): EUR 500 + VAT

Standard fee (for both online and in-person): EUR 550 + VAT

Group discount: 4% (2 participants), 5% (3 participants), 6% (4 or more).
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